Hand Warmer
Toe Warmers in Canada
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 Hand Warmers,
protect Cold Hands from Frostbite and the Chill of Winter.

Hikers, Skiers, Ice skaters, Hunters, Fishermen, Bicyclists, Cross Country Skiers, or just about anybody who enjoys winter sports or travels to work will appreciate 
these Hand Warmers for your pockets  or gloves.

How do warmers work?
contain ingredients like iron, activated carbon and water. Once these ingredients come into contact with the oxygen in the air, the ingredients oxidize and produce heat. The combination of ingredients has been specially formulated to ensure a constant and comforting heat for a wide variety of uses.


Nylon Pouch

The actual pouch utilizes containing the ingredients is a spun, bonded, nylon material.  Most competitors use a paper derivative.  The problem with a paper-based product is that excessive handling or hand moisture causes disintegration.  With nylon, that won’t occur.

Activation - Though our package states to shake the pouch to activate, it is not necessary.  This does speed up the activation process, but if it wasn’t shaken, it would still work the same or better than our competition.


Exclusive Exterior Film Coating This is what allows our product to be longer lasting. The film is applied to prevent any air or moisture to penetrate our product, which could significantly diminish its performance.

 Hand Warmers ship in a high-impact counter display unit perfect for displaying product on the shelf or at the checkout.
10-Hours of long lasting heat!
• 2 warmers per package • 4-Year shelf life  • All natural ingredients • Keeps hands warm• Fits in palm of hand • Easily fits in gloves and pockets.



•10-Pack for added value and convenience

•10-Hours of long lasting heat!

•2 warmers per package

•4-Year shelf life •

•All natural ingredients

•Easily fits in gloves and pockets


Tony Palladini
Canadian Sales Director
Canada Warmers

Montreal, Québec, Canada



                 Hand Warmers
protect cold hands from frostbite and the chill of winter.
Hikers, skiers, ice skaters, hunters, fishermen, bicyclists,
cross country skiers, or just about anybody who enjoys winter sports
will appreciate these Hand Warmers for your pockets  or gloves.